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About Us

The real success of life is not when you keep winning, but it is when you hustle and be back every time you fall. There are a lot of problems in the world and so does solutions. If money is one among them, Fundmytra is your solution. It's our humble beginning of connecting the people in financial needs through Technology. We all face various financial issues surrounding our different situations and we strive hard to come out of them. And do not worry, Fundmytra has got you covered.

Fundmytra is an online portal owned and operated by Digital One Web Solutions Pvt Ltd. With decades of specialized experience and seeing the hassles and pain in getting a loan by people in banks and other NBFCs and to help people avoid all these issues, we are in front of you with the digital portal to find and help you with your monetary needs at your fingertips. We help you avail the best loan from various reputed banks in the town like standard chartered Bank, HDFC Bank, PNB Housing Finance, ICICI, etc.

This portal is designed to be a perfect platform to connect people with various lenders and bankers. Fundmytra finds it to be a privilege in helping people in distress. We are a dedicated team that has been at the forefront in the market who support growths of the people who have their faith in us and get them on the right track to success.


About Us

Fundmytra Offerings

Fundmytra Offerings


Fundmytra has got some innovative features. Kindly take a look at them.

  1. Single Window and digital approach.
  2. Document Security.
  3. Dedicated customer care.
  4. Transparency in document processing.
  5. Comparison among multiple lenders and bankers.
  6. Real time application status on the web portal.
  7. Lowest processing time.
  8. One form – Many banks approach.
Jayapal Sindhe

Jayapal Sindhe

CEO & Chairman

Being a Native Bangalorean, Mr.Jayapal Sindhe has witnessed the transition the city of Bangalore made. The 48-year-old recalls that there used to be one or two buildings among the trees during his schooling and college days. Also iterates the growth this city has made ever since. He is a man who always appreciated the growth and has been passionate ever since to continuously serve people in many ways possible.

The Country opened its market to Global players by adopting the policy of Globalisation among many others in the year 1992. That was when Mr.Jayapal, a Commerce graduate from the Bangalore University finished his Bachelor’s. Keenly observing the policies that were being adopted to ensure positive growth in the Country, Mr.Sindhe witnessed new players increasing their operations in the Country especially the city of Bangalore. And finally, he landed in his first job with Citi Bank as a Business Development Associate for its Loan Products and Merchant Services.

Landing in his first job enabled him to understand the needs of the industry and the difficulty in selling products to the people in the city as the people were orthodox and having a loan was not their cup of tea. With his 5 years of association with Citi Bank, he not just sold products to people but understood the kind of approach that was needed to keep traction to the people in the loop of Banking Services.

In the year 1999, The Standard Chartered Bank initiated the process of expansion all over the country as it was the biggest International Bank and the services it provided were at more sophisticated and International. Mr.Jayapal bagged the opportunity to associate with the International player. He started with a humble and honest team of 10 members to market Credit Cards and Personal Loans for Standard Chartered Bank. As Credit Cards were new to the people, he was again posed to new challenges. But, the determination that he held up to work up the concept definitely worked and his team increased to 40 people who became the most trusted partners.

Mr.Jayapal Sindhe caught hold of his second opportunity with ABN Amro Bank, another International Player and started building his portfolios of Bankers. And he named all his operations as Cohesive Tele Solutions. He saw the budding telecom industry and expansion of Hutchison Essar Company (formerly Hutch) to Bangalore and grabbed the opportunity to maintain their Customer Support through the entity and entered into the operations space of Telecom Industry.  He played his part successfully in the growth of Telecom in India. He has been accorded with many awards for his service by Vodafone (formerly Hutch).

With a well-driven intention to strengthen his banking partnerships, he associated with many banking partners such as HDFC, ICICI, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Axis Bank, IDFC First Bank, and other Leading NBFCs. Mr.Jayapal always wishes to serve his clients with the latest available technologies. With a humble beginning of connecting to clients with telecalling, today he is about to add a new vertical to his business model by equipping his employees and clients with a digital version with a website and an app – Fundmytra.

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